Track anything that moves on the planet! (not just vehicles )

A system that can track anything for an asset rental company, educational insititutions or logistical suppliers by a simple application that computes performance and analysis of your asset whereabouts, routes taken and costing incurred. Each of these features are just one click on the mobile app or the dashboard.



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End-to-End GPS Service Enablement for Every Industry

"Powerful IoT monitoring powered by AWS, Tracking, and Ongoing Support,Machine Learning and Analytics to deliver actionable intelligence on Your Data.Our robust cloud and mobile platforms allow us to provide you with unique, turnkey IoT solutions quickly and without compromise."

  • Faheem , AI & Turnkey Architect

Vertical Solutions Powered by Unotrack

Healthcare : Remote monitoring solution tailored for Healthcare and can be connected to Bluetooth wearable devices.

Industrial : Tailored for monitoring industrial equipment in real time from any location on a PC, Mac, or tablet.

Personal Security : A Personal Security and Emergency Response App offering security at home or away.

Tracking : Always know the location of your assets with Unotrack TrackMe/ Fleet Manager / USensor app.

"We have experience developing IoT solutions for every industry – including healthcare, industrial, tracking, personal security and more – and a global development team that can support customers in any region. We take the time to understand your specific business goals and the needs of your customers to deliver IoT services that increase your revenue and competitive advantage while enhancing your customers’ experiences"

  • Hariharan, Solutions Expert

An interface For Managing all your mobility and sensory needs.

Our API allows organisations/ individuals to create custom interface, manage and monitor their KPIs. All you have to do is just install an app/device and see related information in near real-time from a web interface or from your smart phone. This is not all, there is much more to it.


Live Tracking

Check information about your tracking, Total distance,Duration, Min/Max, Speed etc.

Sensor Nodes

Can detect the speed, Measure temperature, infrared light radiation emitted etc.


Contains all the details, What has changed, Time, Money etc.


Provides services on different devices like laptop, mobile etc,Can exchange information over internet.

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