About UTrackMe

The UTrackMe mobile app converts your Android, iOS into a GPS tracking device. Installing this app to devices that you want to track, you can monitor their whereabouts through the UAdmin, Umanage and Enterprise Manager App / Web Link .

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Use the following steps to start tracking your family or company devices.

Monitor Location

You don't need this mobile app for monitoring location. Simply login to this app /web browser. 3-day history is maintained for the basic service. Extended history ranged from 14-day to 3-years is available.

Multiple Devices

You can track unlimited number of devices in your account. For business tracking, you should use the same account for all your devices. In this way, all your devices are on the same map.

Unique token

Login token allows your employees to set up the GPS tracking mobile app without exposing your account credential. IOS users can use MDM to push the login token to the devices to simplify your set up.

Embed Map

You can embed your live map on your business web site. Option is available to use your company icon on the map, and to customize the infobox to include driving directory, contact information, etc.

Grouping Devices

You can group your devices in your account. Then you can view the location map by group, or allow other users to view your group of devices.


Web Service API returns data in JSON or KML format, enabling you to feed data to your own application, or provide your own mapping solution.

No Add

We don't serve ad on this web site or in the mobile app. We don't sell your geolocation data.

Download Report

You can download your tracks in CSV (Excel) format on the map page. You can use this feature for your time tracking.

Cross Plateform

Our GPS tracking mobile app supports iOS, Android.

Delegate Account

By adding other Unotrack user as your delegating account, you allow this user to view your device location. This feature together with grouping devices enable your sales manager account to view only devices of the sales group, and your maintenance manager account to view only devices of the maintenance group.


You can use the geofence function to record your employee's entry and exit time of the project site. We offer Account Level Geofence service to enable easy setup and modification of your business wide geofences.